Bioimaging Center

University of Konstanz, Dept. of Biology

Bioimaging, a combination of high-resolution microscopy, digital image processing, and signal quantification has developed into one of the most important cross-sectional technologies in the life sciences. In view of the high complexity of the methodology and instrumentation involved, the Dept. of Biology of the University of Konstanz has established a Bioimaging Center (BIC) as a core facility for advanced light microscopy. Its tasks are the central coordination of usage, maintanance and development of the microscope pool as well as the advancement of bioimaging techniques. The Bioimaging Center works in close cooperation with the Depts. of Physics, of Chemistry, and of Computer & Information Science. Apart from the service function, the Center also takes part in research and teaching activities. This includes close cooperation with the University´s "Center for Applied Photonics".



Bioimaging Center
University of Konstanz, Dept. of Biology
Universitaetstrasse 10
78464 Konstanz
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Research & Development
Research & Education
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