Electrochaea GmbH

 Employees: 11-50
Electrochaea was founded in 2010 as a spin-off company from academic research in the United States. Together with our strategic partners and investors, we are developing a novel energy storage technology known as power-to-gas. In connection with an equity investment by several high-profile venture capitalists, the company has recently relocated its headquarters from the United States to Germany (Munich).
For the future growth of the company at our operational centers in Munich and Copenhagen, we are looking for self-starting employees who are willing to work in a fast moving and innovative environment with international and highly motivated peers.

The core of Electrochaea’s technology is a two-step process: In the first step, electricity is used to produce hydrogen by means of electrolysis. In the second step, this hydrogen is combined with carbon dioxide and biocatalytically reacted to methane by a culture of methanogenic archaea, which are anaerobic microbes. The methane produced in this process can be injected into existing natural gas infrastructure for transportation and storage. This process allows Electrochaea and its partners to store underutilized renewable electrical energy in the form of natural gas.

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Value of employees: 11-50
Expansion: international

In our company employees are working in the following fields:
Construction & Design, Energy & Supply, Environmental Sciences & Technology, Laboratory Management, Patents & Licensing, Plant Construction, Project Management, Research & Development

In our company employees with these qualifications are welcome:
Biology & Life Sciences, Chemistry, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical & Process Engineering, Biotechnology


Electrochaea GmbH

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