Evolva...bringing sustainably sourced, next-generation health, wellness, and nutrition ingredients to the world.

Our lead ingredients are resveratrol for healthy aging products, a great-tasting zero-calorie stevia sweetener to help food and beverage producers replace sugar, and a novel prevention approach to help protect people and pets against the biting pests that transmit diseases like Lyme disease and Zika virus. Further, we are active in the flavors & fragrances market with two ingredients.

Evolva is a dynamic, 14-year old, technology company with an excellent track recordof developing high value ingredients for health, wellness and nutrition, based on advanced molecular biology and fermentation technologies. We are developing a new businessarea focused on nature-identical products for pest control in many different segments ranging from consumer insecticides and repellents, vector control in public health to eliminate vector-borne diseases like zika, dengue fever, or lyme disease, to products for animal health, horticulture, and agricul

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