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At Exosome Diagnostics, we are focused on developing and commercializing revolutionary, biofluid-based diagnostics to deliver personalized precision healthcare that improves lives. Our diagnostics harness the power of exosomes, important cell messengers carried within biofluids, such as serum, plasma, urine, cerebrospinal fluid and saliva, that contain RNA, DNA and proteins from their cell of origin. Our Chief Scientific Officer and Founding Scientist, Johan Skog, PhD, while at Massachusetts General Hospital, was the first to demonstrate that molecular mutations in a tumor could be detected in RNA extracted from exosomes and that this information could be used diagnostically.

Building upon this landmark discovery, our proprietary exosome-based technology can harvest the rich and comprehensive molecular information contained within exosomes from any biofluid, fresh or frozen, without requiring the use of tissue. Highly robust and versatile, our technology holds the potential to deliver on the promise of personalized healthcare to guide treatment decisions precisely and in real-time along the entire patient care continuum.

Transforming Disease Detection, Diagnosis, Treatment and Monitoring

Using our best-in-class technology, we are developing breakthrough exosome-based diagnostics that can combine RNA analysis with DNA and protein analysis to deliver comprehensive and dynamic molecular insights. Our diagnostics are poised to radically transform how cancer and other serious diseases are detected, diagnosed, treated and monitored.

How radically? Imagine if a blood, cerebrospinal fluid or urine sample could …

Detect disease earlier so patients could be treated earlier
Reveal comprehensive molecular information about a tumor – without needing to access tissue from the tumor itself – to help clinicians determine the optimal treatment approach
Yield specific information about a patient’s disease to help clinicians determine whether further intervention is even necessary
Be performed on a routine basis over the course of treatment to monitor patient response to a therapy and identify new mutations

At Exosome Diagnostics, this is not just the future we imagine. It is the future we will realize when we introduce the first exosome-based diagnostics in 2015.

We are also collaborating with pharma companies to help them leverage our exosome-based technology to enhance the R&D process, from biomarker discovery through validation, and the development of sophisticated companion diagnostics (CDx).

Explore our website www.exosomedx.com to learn more.

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