German Aerospace Center (DLR), Cologne

Institute for Aerospace Medicine

Within the DLR the Institute of Aerospace Medicine is the only research institution that primarily deals with life science problems concerning traffic, aviation, and space flight.

The Institute's research activities are focussed on the central task of providing for the health and performance of the persons involved (pilot, crew, passenger, astronaut, motorist, resident etc.).

Furthermore, from a medical point of view the development of countermeasures to protect humans from the effects of weightlessness, like the loss of bone and muscle mass, is one of our main tasks to enable long-term stays of humans in space for example. At the same time, when conducting research under microgravity conditions basic functions of the human body are examined by eliminating the interfering influence of gravity in a system-physiological approach. In the field of psychology the selection of qualified personnel (pilots, astronauts, air traffic controllers) and the development of suitable scientific instruments for the selection procedure are another main task of the Institute. Finally, we also deal with the problem of adaptation of life to extreme environments and take part in projects that are concerned with the search for life in space.



German Aerospace Center (DLR), Cologne
Institute for Aerospace Medicine
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