Group of Biotechnology - Enzymatic Production Lines

Dept. of Biochemistry - University of Kassel

The group “Enzymatic Production Lines” is a newly founded group (Oct 2015) at the Department of Biochemistry, School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences of the University of Kassel (Germany). It supports both educational and research activities and is in direct connection with the group of Biochemistry of Prof. Dr. Friedrich Herberg.

The main research target of our group is the development of techniques used for the oriented immobilization of enzymes and the assemble of immobilized enzymes in a rational way, in order to artificially reconstitute metabolic pathways, as production lines are assembled in the industry. The ultimate goal is the application of such systems for the production of high-added value products, or the treatment of wastes.

The general topics of interest are: 
  • Identification and development of novel enzymatic cascades.
  • Optimization of biocatalysts via protein engineering.
  • Biocompatible and - if possible - reversible click-chemistry techniques for enzyme immobilization and the assemble of the cascade.
  • Tailor-made nanomaterials and exploitation of their intrinsic properties during the enzymatic process.
  • Study of the enzyme function-structure relationship onto organized nanostructures
  • Process development.
The current project running is on focused on natural product SAM-dependent methyl transferases. We are working on the development of a regeneration system for the costly cofactor, a regeneration system that could easily be used with DNA- or protein-methyl transferases.

The field that we are active is multidisciplinary, combining biochemistry, molecular biology and material science. The group of Enzymatic Production Lines has a wide collaboration network from several scientific fields all around the world.​


Group of Biotechnology - Enzymatic Production Lines
Dept. of Biochemistry - University of Kassel
Heinrich-Plett-Str. 40
34132 Kassel
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