Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf, Germany

NRW Research School BioStruct

The NRW Research School BioStruct offers innovative doctoral education and research within a stimulating interdisciplinary environment of internationally renowned research groups applying Structural Biology to the fields of Molecular Medicine and Biotechnology. Modern challenges of Structural Biology need an enormous range of scientific methods, represented in the research groups of BioStruct at Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf and partner institutes at Research Centre Jülich and Max Planck Institute for Bioinorganic Chemistry in a unique width and completeness. BioStruct introduces this concentrated expertise to a new generation of PhD studies at Heinrich-Heine University Düsseldorf

In 2008 BioStruct was selected for funding by the program 'NRW-Forschungsschulen' of the Ministry of Innovation, Science, Research and Technology of the German Federal State North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW). This program aims to specifically complement the graduate school program of the German 'Excellence Initiative' and to enable outstanding national and international students to fulfill a PhD study at an excellent international level, hosted by internationally renowned top research groups at NRW universities. BioStruct is further funded by the Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf and the and by the Entrepreneur Foundation for the Advancement of Science and Young Researchers at HHU Düsseldorf.


With more than 17000 students, the Heinrich-Heine University Düsseldorf is the center of the university- and research-location Düsseldorf. Together with her five faculties, the faculty of law, the faculty of medicine, the faculty of philosophy, the faculty of mathematics and natural sciences and the faculty of economics the Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf promotes close interdisciplinary cooperations at regional, national and international levels. In 2008 the Heinrich-Heine University was awarded the certificate "Audit Familiengerechte Hochschule"


Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf, Germany
NRW Research School BioStruct
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