Inflammation at Interfaces: Cluster of Excellence in Inflammation Research

Inflammation at barrier organs (skin, lung, gut) is a central medical problem including many civilisation dis-eases. The vision of the cluster is that barrier problems may be causally involved in many other systemic in-flammatory (e.g. coronary heart disease) and malignant (e.g. colorectal carcinoma) disorders. To improve the interdisciplinary study of barrier disorders, the cluster INFLAMMATION AT INTERFACES will restructure research at five faculties at the universities of Kiel (CAU) and Lübeck (UzL) and the Research Center Borstel (FZB), Leibniz Center for Medicine and Biosciences. Twenty-five principal investigators and 108 additional excellent scientists have established five content- and method-defined Research Areas by joining their indi-vidual research operations which together will streamline the scientific processes of the investigation of dis-eases from genomic discovery to model-system based mechanistic understanding and its validation at the patient level. This leads to a new quality of interdisciplinary research translating a synergistic generation of knowledge around etiologically relevant molecule families into application in inflammatory barrier diseases and their treatment. The research environment forms the basis of an innovative concept of interdepartmental postgraduate education. The applicant institutions have committed to the inauguration of 21 new professor-ships and departments to complement and strengthen the research environment. The interdisciplinary cluster structure provides the scientific environment for 12 new independent Junior Research Groups ensuring early independence and promoting gender-equality of young scientists. Finally, the establishment of a clinical “Comprehensive Center for Inflammation Medicine” (CCIM) ensures a permanent, interdisciplinary integration between different clinical (sub)disciplines and basic research.


Inflammation at Interfaces: Cluster of Excellence in Inflammation Research

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