MagnaMedics GmbH

MagnaMedics is active in the field of developing and commercializing Nano tools and systems for Life Science Research, analytical laboratories, medical diagnostics and therapies. The start-up company possesses a proprietary IP portfolio and has a team, able to create new trends in NanoMedicine. Started in Aachen in 2003, MM GmbH opened its first subsidiary in Maastricht (NL) in december 2004. In the lab in Maastricht product development is being done, and several nanorelated products are being synthesized and shipped. These products include tools for classical magnetic separation of biomarkers in complex media such as blood or food homogenates. Although classical in application, our technology allows a rapid, customized synthesis. Our products can be made and adapted to customers' demand within 24 hours, and this provides a unique market position. With its versatile technology platform based on silica, magnetic ferrofluids, thermosensitive polymers and quantum dots, MagnaMedics is also active in imaging and drug delivery. We are proud to be part of a wide international network of companies and research institutes that also work on these topics.


MagnaMedics GmbH

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