National Public Health Laboratory, CRP-Santé

Institute of Immunology

Areas of research

The activities range from basic research to contract R&D for the diagnostic and vaccine industry. Major fields of interest are:

  1. Immunology and genetic/antigenetic diversity of viruses
    Public health issues related to infectious diseases in humans (fever/rash viruses, hepatitis viruses, influenza virus and other respiratory viruses, tick-borne pathogens) and animals (a range of avian viruses including influenza virus). The Department is responsible for the laboratory surveillance and diagnostic of avian influenza in Luxembourg.
  2. Immunology of vaccines
    Development of immune-preventive strategies against infectious agents and against environmental risk factors, such as carcinogens.
  3. Immunology and the neuroendocrine system
    Crosstalk between nuclear receptors and immune receptors.
    Transcriptional and translational regulation of nuclear receptors, such as the glucocorticoid receptor.
    Activity and control of stress response mediators.



National Public Health Laboratory, CRP-Santé
Institute of Immunology
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