Noldus Information Technology bv

Noldus Information Technology develops professional software and instrumentation for observational and behavioral research for almost 20 years now. Our products enable the collection, analysis, management and presentation of behavioral, physiological and acoustical data. Scientists, engineers and practitioners use our products to study behavioral processes, automate measurements, improve the quality of their data, increase productivity, and make optimal use of human or animal resources. Applications are in biology, psychology, pharmacology, ergonomics and human factors. Universities, research institutes and companies in more than 75 countries use our systems. Noldus Information Technology operates from our head office in The Netherlands and branch offices across Europe and the United States. We currently employ approx. 75 people. Our company culture is based on enthusiasm, a pro-active approach and putting the customer first. The success of our company is to a large extent determined by the employees.


Noldus Information Technology bv

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