PRA Health Sciences

The story of PRA Health Sciences would naturally talk about how we’ve
become one of the world’s largest CROs. It would talk about our innovation
and growth and would speak to our operational efficiencies and transparency.
It would highlight our expertise and customization. And it would touch on
the incredible differences we’ve made, over our more than 30 years, in
helping to bring to market everything from niche treatments and therapies to
blockbuster drugs.

More than anything else, our story would be about people. Not only our over
11,000 employees operating in more than 80 countries, though they’d
certainly be a big part of it, but also the people that inspire them. The
heroes of any PRA Health Sciences story are the clients we serve and the
people whose lives we help improve, all over the world. And our story has
only just begun.


PRA Health Sciences

Dynamostr. 13
68165 Mannheim
Field of Activity:
Research & Education
Number of employess:
more than 500
Founding year: