Branch Biological Applications

 Employees: 11-50
SYNENTEC is a provider of high resolution fluorescence and brightfield cell imaging systems for cell line development, upstream applications, drug discovery, cancer research, immunology, stemcell research and cell based assays. SYNENTEC's objective is to offer superior devices for attractive and reasonable prices to offer the opportunity to everyone to equip labs with automated high throughput cell imaging. SYNENTEC's distribution network brings NYONE and CELLAVISTA to customers around the world. NYONE and CELLAVISTA have proven integration capabilities into automated cell culture workstations and contribute to cope with shortening timelines in research with their high throughput imaging capabilities at high resolution. SYNENTEC uses powerful image processing algorithms to give researches the results they need to answer their questions on a single cell level.

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Value of employees: 11-50
Expansion: international

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Automation Technology, Hardware & Robotics, Marketing, Optics & Precision Mechanics, Product Specialist, Research & Development, Research Associate, Sales, Technical Service & Customer Care, Training

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Biology & Life Sciences, Electrical Engineering, Biotechnology, Healthcare & Public Health, Software Engineering


Branch Biological Applications
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