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Technology for people At TU Wien, we have been conducting research, teaching and learning under the motto 'Technology for people' for over 200 years. TU Wien has evolved into an open academic institution where discussions can happen, opinions can be voiced and arguments will be heard. Although everyone may have different individual philosophies and approaches to life, the staff, management personnel and students at TU Wien all promote open-mindedness and tolerance.
Preventing discrimination and improving equal opportunities
Preventing discrimination against people and improving equal opportunities are at the heart of our interactions with one another and our environment. This also means that we learn from history by critically examining our past. We actively speak out against discrimination and promote equal opportunities.
Promoting scientific excellence and top-quality teaching
Our identity as a research university means that we build our reputation through our research. The content of the teaching we offer is based on this research. TU Wien combines basic and applied research and research-oriented teaching at the highest level. Through their knowledge and their strong relationships, our graduates and scientists contribute to the transfer of knowledge and technologies across society and the economy. The members of TU Wien thus help to ensure that Austria remains internationally competitive as a research location and help to stimulate its innovative potential.
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