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Are you interested in novel drug screening approaches based on intriguing molecular targets?
Do you have a profound background in biomedicine or bioinformatics and you are
a detail orientated, motivated master student? Do you thrive in a state-of-the-art translational laboratory embedded in an interdisciplinary network of scientist? Then we are
looking forward to your application.

Topic (Depending on background):
Bioinformatical analysis of high-throughput drug screening (HTDS) data for the identification of recurrent drug sensitivity patterns and patient stratification or development of novel targeted therapy approaches.

The treatment of relapsed and refractory acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) remains challenging. ALL genomics have provided insights into potential druggable pathways resulting in innovative forms of targeted therapy. However, follow-up large in vitro studies have demonstrated that it is surprisingly difficult to predict drug responses based on genomics alone.
Therefore, our institute developed an in vitro drug screening platform for pediatric hematological malignancies to identify drug sensitivity directly on patient-derived cells or well-established cell line models without prior knowledge about genetic lesions or altered signaling pathways.

Project description:
Bioinformatician: The goal of the project will be to develop a computational strategy to analyze the drug screening data and to identify recurrent drug sensitivity patterns for patient stratification. The main focus will lie on implementing new strategies to analyze HTDS data that complement classical readout values such as IC50 or EC50.

Biomedicine: Together with our collaboration partners the candidate will be actively involved in the development of novel compounds. Aim of the project is the investigation of the potency, clinical applicability and mechanism of action of experimental compounds and the comparison against clinic relevant reference inhibitors.

We are looking for a highly motivated master student of Bioinformatics, Biology, Biomedicine or related disciplines, who is able to work independently in an interdisciplinary team. The candidate should be results and detail orientated. Critical thinking is highly appreciated. The candidates should be experienced in their respective field. Since you will work with valuable primary material reliability and a sense for responsibility is mandatory.

The qualified candidate will get the opportunity to acquire a broad spectrum of laboratory techniques and to work on her/his own project within in the workgroup of Dr. rer. nat. Sanil Bhatia at the Department of Pediatric Oncology, Hematology and Clinical Immunology (Head: Prof. A. Borkhardt). The department provides an excellent laboratory and scientific environment that allows interdisciplinary work with up-to-date techniques on a competitive level.

Questions, applications (including CV) should be sent to:

Bioinformatician: Melf Sönnichsen ( )
Biomedicine: Niklas Dienstbier ( )

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