University of Helsinki

Dept. of Environmental and Food Hygiene

The University of Helsinki has the widest range of disciplines in Finland. It was established in Turku in 1640, but was transferred to Helsinki in 1828. The number of faculties is eleven. There are 38,400 degree students and 7,900 staff. The number of degrees taken each year is almost 4,500, of which over 400 are doctorates.

The University concentrates on high-level scientific research and researcher education. Scientific research is also the basis of the teaching provided by the University. The University operations support the development of society, as well as business and industry. University representatives offer their competencies for the benefit of society through a number of positions of trust and expertise.

The results produced by the research and teaching carried out at the University have been widely acclaimed. The University participates in more than half of the national Centres of Excellence in Research, elected by international scientific panels. The University of Helsinki has been invited to be a member of the League of European Research Universities, a co-operation body for the leading European research universities. According to international expert panels, also the teaching provided by the University of Helsinki is of a high European level.

The University has strong international connections. It has some 80 co-operation agreements with universities on different continents. The University researchers are in great demand as experts in international scientific communities, meetings and publications.

The University is bilingual, but in addition to Finnish and Swedish teaching is also provided in English. Besides Helsinki, the University has operations at 20 localities throughout Finland.

Degree students 38,365 of which foreign students 1,478
Teachers and researchers 3,859
4,561 degrees of which 443 doctorates

The University is bilingual:
6% of students are Swedish-speaking


University of Helsinki
Dept. of Environmental and Food Hygiene
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