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Life Sciences Research Unit: Systems Biology

In a bundled effort at the Life Sciences Research Unit, research teams assess the communication of cells thematically (cell migration/adhesion and inflammation) and mechanistically (signal transduction, bioinformatics and computational biology). Further, collaboration with computer scientists is strengthening the interdisciplinary research perspectives of the life sciences within the University of Luxembourg. These integrated approaches provide a more complete and interdisciplinary understanding of cellular and molecular responses observed during diseases and may lead to the discovery and recognition of new therapeutic targets.

Systems Biology within the Research Unit:
Our research is focussed in the area of experimental and theoretical systems biology. We are applying different modelling techniques to biological systems in order to develop suitable computational models. The analysis of these models using system theoretical methods helps to gain insight into dynamic and stationary properties of the investigated biological networks which in turn is the basis for the suggestion of further promising experiments. In addition we are also involved in the experimental validation of the models using cell cultivation facilities.


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Life Sciences Research Unit: Systems Biology
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