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Centre for Integrative Neuroscience

Integrative neuroscience shows us not just how individual neurons work, but how they work together with their neighbours to generate the wide spectrum of brain functions which, in conjunction, allow humans and animals to operate effectually in natural environments, thereby ensuring their survival. Tübingen has cultivated integrative neuroscience successfully for many years and is renowned as one of the major centres for neuroscience research in Germany with an excellent international reputation in specific disciplines such as brain imaging.

The Tübingen neuroscience community assembled in the CIN will intensify its contribution to the worldwide quest for understanding how the brain generates functions such as perception, memory, communication and action, which in sum define human personalities. A better comprehension of the brain mechanisms underlying these functions and their disturbances — from their genetic basis to the processing of information in neuronal networks — will lead to the development of new approaches, promising to help patients with sensory and brain disease. Moreover, it will stimulate the development of improved biomedical instrumentation and brain-inspired engineering solutions.



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Centre for Integrative Neuroscience
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