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Molecular Cell Biology of the Synapse

Uppsala University (Sweden)

PhD student position in synaptic protein interactions



Our laboratory has identified several new proteins of neuronal synapses (paralemmin, aczonin, neurobeachin). We investigate the molecular mechanisms and biological roles of these proteins, their isoforms and interaction partners in neurotransmission and/or in the development and plasticity of the nervous system. Our research is interdisciplinary and integrates molecular-biological, biochemical, cell-biological, biophysical, genetic, electron-microscopic and electrophysiological approaches.

We seek a PhD student for the identification of interaction partner proteins, the molecular and functional characterization of interactions in vitro and in living cells, and the structure determination of individual domains and domain complexes by X-ray crystallography or NMR.

Uppsala is a charming historical university town 40 minutes from Stockholm. It has a population of ~150,000, and its universities (40,000 students) and biotech industry make it a cosmopolitan place. Applications are invited from highly motivated individuals committed to pioneering and challenging research in a stimulating, multinational environment.

Please refer to the official advertisement on the Uppsala University web-site
and observe the formal application procedure as described there.

Manfred W. Kilimann, MD, PhD
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Uppsala University
Department of Cell & Molecular Biology/Neuroscience
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