PhD fellowship in Immunology and Microbiology

PhD fellowship (3 years) in Immunology and Microbiology is offered at the Medical Department 1 (Gastroenterology, Pulmonology) of the University Hospital Erlangen at the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany, starting Oct 1st 2016. 

The PhD fellowship is funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) and part of the Priority program (SPP) “Intestinal Microbiota”. The SPP aims to achieve an improved functional understanding of microbe-host interactions in health and disease.
The offered PhD project is supervised by Prof. Dr. med. Kai Hildner and aims to identify and further functionally characterize distinct colitogenic microbial communities. Consecutively, studies are planned to decipher the immunological mechanisms triggered by these microbes in the host. The laboratory is located in a scientifically vivid environment in Erlangen hosting a number of groups with a long-standing expertise in the field of immunology.
The Medical Department 1 (Head: Prof. Dr. med. Markus F. Neurath) is reknown for its expertise specifically in the field of mucosal immunology and inflammatory bowel diseases and provides an excellent infra-structure for both pre-clinical and translational studies in the field of colitis. Within the last few years, the Hildner lab focused on the identification of the cell-type-specific contributions of distinct immune cell subsets in respect to the induction and promotion of intestinal inflammation and colitis-associated cancer formation. For further detailed information, please refer to e.g. Punkenburg et al., Gut. 2016; 65(7):1139-50. doi: 10.1136.

We are looking for a dedicated PhD candidate who is highly motivated and able to work in a structured and focused manner to solve problems with passion for science in an ambitious, competitive environment. We seek for a M.Sc. or Diploma graduate holding an above-average university degree in Biology, Immunology, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, or related fields with dedication for the exciting field of immunology and microbiology. Excellent English skills (in writing and speaking) are mandatory, especially if German is not the first language.

Please send your application (deadline: August 14th 2016), preferably by email, to
University Hospital Erlangen
Medical Department 1
For the attention of Prof. Dr. med. Kai Hildner
Ulmenweg 18
D- 91054 Erlangen
How to apply:
Please send your application, preferably by email, to

reference no. SPP_ER_1
Send application to
Please send your application, preferably by email, to:

University Hospital Erlangen
Medical Department 1
For the attention of Prof. Dr. med. Kai Hildner
Ulmenweg 18
D- 91054 Erlangen
While applying for the job please refer to jobvector and use the following reference number: SPP_ER_1

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