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PhD student position

PhD student position
Institut of Clinical Molecular Biology (ICMB)
We are looking for professional and competent support as early as possible. You can live by the sea, where others spend their vacation.
The „Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft“ has approved the collaborative research center SFB 877 (Proteolysis as a regulatory event in pathophysiology) to the Christian-Albrechts university, Kiel. Within the project (TP7): “Genetic variants in protein degradation pathways: from normal population variability to altered inflammatory responses in the intestinal tract”, 1 PhD student positions is available at the Institute of Clinical Molecular Biology.

Job purpose:
The PhD project will study the crosstalk between ER stress and protein degradation/autophagy in intestinal epithelial cells (IEC) with a focus on proteins of the ORMDL family. ORMDL3 belongs to a family of three highly homologous proteins that reside in the ER and have been implicated in the regulation of ER stress, secretase activation as well as sphingolipid metabolism and was identified as a disease gene for inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). We have generated conditional and conventional knock out mice that are currently crossbred to generate double and triple deficient animals. We will now address the question how ORMDL proteins mechanistically exert their influence on ER stress signaling pathways and related protein degradation. The project will employ several animal models of inflammation and inflammation-induced cancerogenesis.
We are interested in recruiting self-motivated individuals with a desire to succeed and complement the internationally competitive research activities of the laboratory. Research will include molecular biology, cell biology, immunology and high-throughput technologies (Next Generation Sequencing). A background in bioinformatics, cell biology and/or immunology is preferred.

Your wage classification:
 You will be classified according to the fulfillment of certain conditions based on the pay scales of E 13 or TV-L.

Your working hours:
 Part time: 25,03 hours a week.
You would initially work for three years or until the end of a fixed term contract in the UKSH with a renewal option.

Your Application deadline:
You may apply until 31, August 2016.

People with severe disabilities will be given preference when equally qualified. The UKSH has set a goal to reach professional equality between men and women.
Prof. Philip Rosenstiel looks forward to speaking with you about further details concerning a position at UKSH (Tel.:  +49-431-597-1333).
For tariff questions, please contact Ms. Claudia Gil (Tel.: +49-451-500-3138).

More information about UKSH is also available at www.uksh.de/karriere
Please send your application for this announcement to 20160464.206.CK.

Contact detail

How to apply:
More information about UKSH is also available at:
Send application to
Prof. Philip Rosenstiel looks forward to speaking with you about further details concerning a position at UKSH (Tel.:  +49-431-597-1333).
For tariff questions, please contact Ms. Claudia Gil (Tel.: +49-451-500-3138).

Job profile

Working hours
Contract duration
Type of job
PhD Project
Work experience
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Germany (Schleswig-Holstein)
Working place
24105 Kiel
Area of expertise
Biology & Life Sciences