PhD student position in Immunology in the Research Training Group GRK1727 at the University of Lübeck, Germany

Our Laboratory in the Institute for Systemic Inflammation Research ( ); from January 2017 in the new Institute for Nutrition Medicine ( ) at the University of Lübeck works on the development and function of antibodies. IgG antibodies are not only effector molecules of pathogenic and pro-inflammatory immune responses but can also be mediators of tolerogenic immune responses such as regulatory T cells. The inhibitory function is mediated through a specific kind of IgG Fc glycosylation. Our laboratory has discovered that antigen-specific sialylated IgG antibodies can be used to inhibit pro-inflammatory immune responses in an antigen-specific manner (Oefner et al, JACI 2012, 129(6):1647-1655; Karsten et al, Nature Medicine 2012, 18(9):1401-1406; Hess et al, JCI 2013, 123(9):3788–3796; Strait et al, Nature 2015, 517(7535):501-504). Now, we investigate how differentially glycosylated pro-inflammatory or immunosuppressive IgG antibodies develop and function in human and mice. To investigate these projects, we also produce our own monoclonal antibodies with different glyco-forms to investigate their potential in different autoimmune, allergy, vaccination and transplantation models.
For upcoming research projects we are looking for a highly motivated PhD student candidate. The PhD student will be part of the Research Training Group GRK1727 ( ).
Please contact Prof. Marc Ehlers (email: for further informations and application (via email). Deadline: extended 31.01.2017

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Prof. Marc Ehlers
University of Lübeck
Ratzeburger Allee
23562 Lübeck

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Germany (Schleswig-Holstein)
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23562 Lübeck
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Biology & Life Sciences, Human medicine

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Im ISEF ( werden verschiedene Fragestellungen zur Bedeutung des Immunsystems für die Entwicklung von akut- sowie chronisch-entzündlichen Erkrankungen wie Autoimmunkrankheiten und Allergien bearbeitet.

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