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Master/Dioploma Thesis in Anaerobic Microbiology

Transformation of Chloroanilines in Anaerobic Microbial Cultures
Working group Dr. L. Adrian, Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research, Leipzig
Halogenated Anilines are widely used chemicals (e.g. pharmaceuticals, pesticides) and enter the environment via multiple paths. They are often persistent in nature and toxic to microorganisms, animals and humans. Reductive dehalogenation can lead to their degradation. The goal of the proposed project is the description of this process in defined microbial cultures and the identification of involved enzymes.
For the project we have two pure strains of which we know that they transform chlorinated anilines. First the dehalogenation pathways and growth yields of the bacteria will be investigated. Transformation products and toxic concentrations will be determined. Also the enzymes responsible for the reductive dehalogenation will be studied using an established proteomics workflow.

Used techniques include: Anaerobic cultivation (e.g. anaerobic-tent), chemical analysis (GC-FID, GC-MS, ion chromatography), cell counting by epifluorescence microscopy, enzymatic activity tests by a microtiter plate approach or by GC measurements, expression analysis of proteins by mass spectrometry (Shotgun proteomics, nLC-MS/MS); possibly: electron and helium microscopy.
We seek a motivated student with focus in Microbiology, Biochemistry, Biotechnology or similar. Reasonable command of English is necessary.
We offer:
  • Environmentally relevant topic with extensive preliminary work
  • Well-established lab
  • State-of the art equipment
  • Help with moving to Leipzig if necessary
  • An international team in an intensive scientific atmosphere offering all kinds of insights into environmental research

Contact detail

How to apply:
Application by e-mail preferred
Send application to
PD Dr. Lorenz Adrian
Helmholtz-Zentrum für Umweltforschung – UFZ
Dept. Isotopenbiogeochemie
Permoserstr. 15, 04318 Leipzig
Tel. 0341 / 235-1435

Job profile

Working hours
Contract duration
Type of job
Diploma Thesis/Master's Thesis
Work experience
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Germany (Sachsen)
Working place
04318 Leipzig
Area of expertise
Biology & Life Sciences, Biotechnology