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Senior Scientist High Content Screening (m/f)

HDC is located in Konstanz, Germany at the former research site of Takeda (Nycomed, Altana) and has been revived as a Joint Venture Organisation between LDC, Axxam and CD3.

HDC focusses on providing HTS and compound management platforms and services to the mother companies as well as to academic institutes and the life sciences industry.

The HDC team has a long history and proven experience in High-Throughput Screening (HTS) and Compound Management from their previous work at Altana/Nycomed/Takeda. HDC provides access to fully automated state-of-the-art screening stations designed to run biochemical and cell-based assays in 384 well format or 1536 well format, using a variety of detection technologies including luminescence, fluorescence, absorbance, HCS and radiometric readouts. Services are provided to the Life Sciences Industry and academic collaborators.
For further information, please visit www.hit-discovery.de.
In order to further strengthen HDC´s team, we are currently seeking for a Senior Scientist with the focus on High Content Screening (m/f)
* PhD in cell biology, biochemistry or pharmacology with 5+years of relevant experience, preferably in an industry and/or in a CRO setting.
* Demonstrated hand-on experience in assay development and high throughput screening using high content biology assays and analysis of high content screening data.
* Experience with confocal microscopes (Opera) and Acapella based data analysis is a plus.
* Proficient in data analysis and statistical data evaluation including scripting based programming Special experience in development and analysis of High-Content-Screening assays 
* Experience with generation of stable cell lines, deriving clones and characterizing these for functional expression is a plus. Pharmacological characterization of cellular assays to be used in high-content and reporter cell based high throughput screening campaigns.
* Familiarity with complex automation solutions is a plus.

*Project management of client projects. Analyze, summarize and interpret data and provide written and verbal updates to clients in a structured and timely manner within budget.
* Independently define and deliver high quality, validated cellular assays with a strong focus on high content screening assays
* Ability to work in a team-oriented environment
* Excellent problem solving skills
* Strong interpersonal and communication skills
* Delivery of highest quality results

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Germany (Baden-Württemberg)
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78467 Konstanz
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Biology & Life Sciences, Pharmaceutics