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PhD Position (E13/65%) available in the Ökten Group (Biophysics Department, TUM)

Molecular mechanisms of motor protein-dependent transport
50 to 100 different motor proteins are at work to organize the dynamic inner life of any given eukaryotic cell. We have a long standing interest in deciphering the molecular mechanisms of how such nano-machines function and how they are regulated. The project will deal with kinesin-2 motors that are indispensible for the ciliary biogenesis. Kinesin-2 combines two distinct catalytic polypeptide chains to one double-headed motor which in turn associates with the non-catalytic accessory subunit KAP to form a heterotrimeric complex. Using a wide range of methods such as Mass Spectrometry, Microscale Thermophoresis, and Single Molecule techniques the candidate will study the structural determinants of the specific heterodimerization and heterotrimerization and how these traits have evolved over time. 
Who you are:
You are a highly motivated student with a Diploma / Master’s Degree in Biochemistry or a related field. You have acquired basic skills in standard methods of molecular biology and protein biochemistry. You want to work in a stimulating environment and can quickly and efficiently learn novel techniques to implement in your project.

Who we are:
The Biophysics Department at the TUM is committed to provide a nurturing research environment. Due to the integrated nature of our department, we offer unique opportunities to develop a multifaceted and competitive curriculum for future researchers. The offered positions are embedded within the well-funded ERC project with a duration time of 5 years. For more information on who we are, please visit: http://bio.ph.tum.de/home/dr-oekten/oekten-home.html

Please send your application to Zeynep Ökten (oekten.applications@ph.tum.de) (deadline 31.01.2015). The application should include a letter of motivation, a CV with references, and a short summary of your Master thesis. 

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How to apply:
The application should include a letter of motivation, a CV with references, and a short summary of your Master thesis. 
Send application to
Frau Dr. Zeynep Ökten

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PhD Project
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Germany (Bayern)
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85748 Garching
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Biology & Life Sciences, Physics