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PhD Position in Biochemistry/Cell Biology

At the Biochemical Institute of the Christian-Albrechts-University of Kiel we are looking for a highly motivated PhD student.
Our group works on intramembrane proteolysis which links protein degradation with signal transduction and thus represents an important regulatory mechanism for cellular homeostasis.
We are especially interested in the SPP/SPPL family of intramembrane proteases, which are mechanistically related to the γ-secretase complex that is involved in the pathology of Alzheimer disease. One member of this protease family, SPPL2a, we could recently identify as promising therapeutic target for the treatment of autoimmunity. Nevertheless, the substrate spectrum of these proteases as well as the biological downstream effects of the individual proteolytic events are insufficiently characterized. In addition to addressing these fundamental cell biological questions by cell-culture based in vitro approaches, we use mice as model organism in order to validate the (patho)-physiological relevance of the respective findings. In the planned PhD project novel substrates as well as regulatory mechanisms of SPPL proteases will be characterized.
  • Masters degree in biochemistry, biology or related subjects
  • Significant experimental experience in at least of the following areas: molecular biology, immunology, biochemistry, cell biology.
  • High degree of scientific enthusiasm and intrinsic motivation
  • Willingness to work with laboratory mice
Further information:
  • https://www.uni-kiel.de/Biochemie/schroeder
  • Schneppenheim et al. & Schröder (2013). The intramembrane protease SPPL2a promotes B cell development and controls endosomal traffic by cleavage of the invariant chain. J. Exp. Med., 210, 41-58.
  • Voss, Schröder, Fluhrer (2013) Mechanism, specificity, and physiology of signal peptide peptidase (SPP) and SPP-like proteases. Biochim. Biophys. Acta, 1828, 2828-2839.
Applications should be sent electronically to Dr. Bernd Schröder  (baschroeder@biochem.uni-kiel.de).
Please send a single pdf file, that includes your CV, relevant certificates/degrees, a brief summary of your previous scientific experience, a short statement why you chose to apply for this position and, if available, contact information for two referees.

Contact detail

How to apply:
Applications should be sent electronically to Dr. Bernd Schröder  (baschroeder@biochem.uni-kiel.de).
Send application to
Dr. Bernd Schröder
Biochemisches Institut der CAU Kiel
Otto-Hahn-Platz 9
24118 Kiel; Tel: 0431 880 2218
email: baschroeder@biochem.uni-kiel.de

Job profile

Working hours
Contract duration
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PhD Project
Work experience
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Germany (Schleswig-Holstein)
Working place
24118 Kiel
Area of expertise
Biology & Life Sciences