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PhD position in Molecular Biology - Developmental & Stem Cells Biology

In the field of  “Developmental & Stem Cells Biology” the research group of Dr . Natalia Soshnikova offers the following PhD project:

Deciphering molecular mechanisms responsible for the formation of the adult ISCs


Based on molecular signatures we found that there are several cell populations within the embryonic intestinal epithelium. We further functionally characterized some of these cell populations using genetic cell fate mapping analysis. We have determined that certain cell populations within the embryonic intestinal epithelium serve as precursors of the adult ISCs. To assess the temporal and hierarchical relationship between these cell types, we performed transcriptome profiling.
The aim of the PhD project is to elucidate the molecular mechanisms controlling intestinal stem cells formation. Specifically, the PhD student will test the functions of candidate transcription factors, receptors and ligands using mouse models, including tamoxifen-inducible genetic tools, and ex vivo 3D organoid assays. In these cultures embryonic cells give rise to adult intestinal stem cells, which then differentiate into all the lineages found in vivo, thus generating mini-guts. We will perform both loss-of-function studies applying CRISPR/CAS9 system and overexpression using viral transduction. The molecular and phenotypic characterization of the mini-gut organoids will be performed using advanced microscopy techniques for analyses at the single-cell level, as well as genomics tools (RNA-seq and ChIP-seq) on pure cell populations isolated by FACS.

We offer
• The possibility to work on a cutting-edge project using state-of-the-art technology in a highly motivated research team
• A stimulating, diverse and international research environment
• Advanced training opportunities
• A competitive stipend

Required qualifications
• Master or Diploma
• Motivation to solve complex biological problems
• Excellent communication skills

Starting date: 1 March 2015 or later
Duration of stipend: 3 years, with the possibility of extension
Deadline for registration (exclusively online via web form):  8 November 2014

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How to apply:
Please apply exclusively via our online form at:
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