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Proteolysis Research / Proteomics / Degradomics

The laboratory of Dr. Oliver Schilling is inviting applications for one post-doctoral position to work on substrate discovery for proteases using proteomics / degradomics.

This is a joint project with a major pharmaceutical company. It is suited for candidates interested in either industrial or academic research.

Proteolysis is an irreversible post−translational modification that affects every protein through limited processing or degradation. The large number of genetically encoded proteases in man (> 560) illustrates the involvement of proteolysis in most physiological and pathological processes. However, the substrate profiles of most proteases have remained elusive; presenting a major hurdle to understanding and therapeutically exploiting protease function in health and disease.

My laboratory applies innovative proteomic techniques to elucidate and understand proteolytic processing in the cellular context. For details see Schilling and Overall, Nature Biotechnology 2008; Schilling et al, Nature Methods 2010, Kleifeld et al. Nature Biotechnology 2010, Tholen et al MCP 2013, Shahinian et al, Mol Oncol 2014.

Based on a collaborative project with a major pharmaceutical company, I am currently inviting applications for one post-doctoral position. Candidates should be highly motivated and able to work independently. Experience in proteomics and bioinformatics is an asset. Proficiency in English is required.

We offer a stimulating environment with innovative projects and modern methodology. The position is available from Dec 1st 2014 but the starting date is negotiable. The position is paid according to the  standard remuneration for postdoctoral researchers (TV-L E13 100 %). The initial appointment is for 12 months with a possible extension.

Applications should include a letter of motivation, CV, list of publications and the contact details of two references.

Contact detail

How to apply:
Send application to
PD Dr. Oliver Schilling
Institute for Molecular Medicine and Cell Research
University of Freiburg
Stefan-Meier-Str. 17
D-79104 Freiburg, Germany
Tel: +49 761 203 9615


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Germany (Baden-Württemberg)
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79104 Freiburg
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Biology & Life Sciences