Ph.D. Position in Molecular Cell Biology

 Universität Heidelberg  Heidelberg
The newly established lab of Dr. Anne Schlaitz is seeking a motivated Ph.D. student who is passionate about cell biology research and enthusiastic to elucidate molecular mechanisms of cellular dynamics. The student will investigate
Structure and dynamics of membrane-bound organelles during mitosis

Your work place will be the Center for Molecular Biology of Heidelberg University, one of the leading research institutes in the Molecular Biosciences in Germany with an excellent research infrastructure and many opportunities for scientific collaborations. Salary will be according to TV-L13, 60%.

Background During mitosis, eukaryotic cells coordinately remodel their microtubule cytoskeleton and their membrane-bound organelles. The transformation of the microtubule cytoskeleton into the bipolar mitotic spindle is well investigated. In contrast, the mechanisms and functions of mitotic organelle restructuring have so far largely remained elusive. We previously identified new potential mediators of organelle remodeling during mitosis, among them the endoplasmic reticulum (ER)-microtubule linkers REEP3 and REEP4. REEP3/4 control the distribution of the ER during mitosis in a microtubule-dependent manner. In addition, REEP3/4 function is critical for proper nuclear envelope morphology, fidelity of chromosome segregation, and correct cytokinesis (Schlaitz et al., Dev Cell 2013). Another approximately 50 new candidate remodelers were isolated, a number of which are required for successful mitosis.
Thesis project The successful applicant will investigate the molecular mechanisms of REEP3/4 function as well as REEP3/4 interplay with the mitotic machinery. Furthermore, previously uncharacterized candidate remodelers will be screened for their roles in mitosis. This project will uncover unappreciated mitotic pathways and thus enable a more comprehensive understanding of this fundamental biological process.
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Please send your application by email to
Schlaitz AL. Microtubules as key coordinators of nuclear envelope and endoplasmic reticulum dynamics during mitosis. Bioessays, 2014.
Schlaitz AL, Thompson J, Wong CC, Yates JR and Heald R. REEP3/4 ensure endoplasmic reticulum clearance from metaphase chromatin and proper nuclear envelope architecture. Developmental Cell, 2013.

How to apply:
Please email your application documents in a single PDF file.
Send application to
Anne Schlaitz
Zentrum für Molekulare Biologie der Universität Heidelberg
Im Neuenheimer Feld 282
69120 Heidelberg
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