PhD Position - RNA binding Proteins in the heart

Research topic: RNA binding Proteins in the heart

The Völkers laboratory at Heidelberg University, Germany, is searching for a Pre­doctoral scientist for an Emmy Noether-funded position in our team.

Our laboratory is a recently formed group (Emmy Noether Programm) that investigates the molecular mechanism of cellular growth and survival in cardiomyocytes.

Gene expression is controlled at the level of mRNA transport and stabilization, which is a major level of regulation in cells as evidenced by the fact that mRNA levels often poorly correlate with synthesis levels of the encoded proteins.

mRNA binding proteins (mRBPs) bind immediately after transcription to nascent messenger RNAs (mRNAs) to form messenger ribonucleoprotein (mRNP) complexes that determine mRNA fate from synthesis to decay by regulating pre-mRNA processing, mRNA localization, stability, and translation.

The successful applicant (m/f) will investigate the functional role of an endogenous mRBP in cardiac biology and pathophysiology and its interplay with the translational machinery. Furthermore, previously uncharacterized candidate genes will be screened for their roles in cellular growth in cardiac myocytes.

The successful candidates (m/f) would join an interactive team of researchers. The laboratory is located in a new building with a collaborative scientific environment.

How to apply:
As soon as possible

Contact detail

How to apply:
Send application to
Dr. Mirko Völkers
INF 669
69120 Heidelberg

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Working hours
Contract duration
Type of job
PhD Project
Work experience
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Germany (Baden-Württemberg)
Working place
69120 Heidelberg
Area of expertise
Biology & Life Sciences, Human medicine

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