The evolutionary arm’s race of Psylliodes leaf beetles and their host plants

Supervisors: Dr. Franziska Beran, Research Group Sequestration and Detoxification in Insects, MPI-CE; Prof. David G. Heckel, and Dr. Heiko Vogel, Department of Entomology, MPI-CE

The goal of the project is to trace host plant shifts in the leaf beetle genus Psylliodes using phylogenetic methods and RNA sequencing. Most Psylliodes species are specialized to feed on plants of the crucifer family which are chemically defended with the so-called “mustard-oil bomb”. Other beetle species in this genus feed for example on nightshade plants containing toxic alkaloids as defense. We want to understand the evolutionary relationships of these insects and further study the molecular adaptations of selected Psylliodes species to host plant chemicals.

We are looking for a highly motivated PhD student who should have experience in one or more of the following fields: phylogenetics, molecular biology, and insect ecology.

!!Application deadline is September 11, 2015!!

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