The metabolic control of cardiovascular differentiation of embryonic stem cells

The Doctoral Programmes consist of an experimental project combined with a three-year interdisciplinary graduate course curriculum leading to a dissertation. Each doctoral researcher will be supervised by two professors from different faculties and will benefit from our Doctoral Development Programme. Seminars and courses are conducted in English; German language courses are offered for international students. Depending on the project selected and own qualifications, doctoral researches will receive a stipend and be eligible to register for one of the doctoral degrees offered at the Justus Liebig University Giessen.

Activities and responsibilities

Stem cells will be used in regenerative medicine in the near future. To successfully apply stem cells in cell therapy approaches, the signaling cascades which underly formation of  organotypic, terminally differentiated cells have to be investigated in detail. In the current research project we will unravel how the cell metabolism of embryonic stem cells is regulating differentiation, maturation and aging  of cardiomyocytes as well as endothelial cells in newly formed blood vessels.  The student in this project will learn to differentiate cardiac cells and blood vessels from pluripotent stem cells and will analyze their cellular function. He/she will investigate how the interplay between glycolysis and fatty acid oxidation regulates cardiovascular differentiation.

Qualification profile

Applicants should have a MSc degree in either Biology, Biotechnology or Veterinary Medicine. Knowledge in RT-PCR, Western blot, flow cytometry and cell culture techniques is desirable.


We offer an open-minded working atmosphere and intensive training and supervision of the successful applicant.

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