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Field assistant in oak woodland ecology - short term

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A suitably qualified ecologist is sought to make a final census of two large plots at Salgesh, Wallis, as part of a 15-yr study of woodland dynamics there.
The employment could be either an assistant (for which the minimum requirement is an MSc), or a ‘Hilfsassistant’ position (only available for BENEFRI-students for BSc).  Either position would be for 3 months starting 1st November 2015, at 50% level of employment. The tasks would involve ca. 6 weeks field work and ca. 6 weeks data compilation and analysis.

Contact detail

How to apply:
 Bitte senden Sie Ihre Bewerbung per Email.
Send application to
Applications should be sent to:
Prof. Dr. D. M. Newbery. Vegetation [Tropical] Ecology Section,
Institute of Plant Sciences, University of Bern, Altenbergrain 21,
CH-3013 Bern, Switzerland. Email: david.newbery@ips.unibe.ch;
by 30 September 2015.“

Job profile

Working hours
Contract duration
Type of job
Internship & Working student
Work experience
job experience is not required
Switzerland (Bern, Wallis)
Working place
3970 Salgesch
Area of expertise
Biology & Life Sciences