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16 PhD Positions in Münster (Germany): Imaging Cellular Processes and Disease

16 PhD Positions in Münster (Germany): Imaging Cellular Processes and Disease
The joint graduate program of the Excellence Cluster Cells in Motion (CiM) and the International Max Planck Research School – Molecular Biomedicine (IMPRS-MBM) offers positions to pursue PhD projects in the areas of biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics or computer science. We are looking for young scientists with a vivid interest in interdisciplinary projects to image cell dynamics from the subcellular to the patient level. PhD projects range from the analysis of basic cellular processes to clinical translation, from the application of novel biophysical approaches and the generation of mathematical models to the development of new imaging-related techniques and compounds.

Research areas:
Cell and Molecular Biology * Developmental and Stem Cell Biology
Vascular Biology * Immunology
Microbiology * Neurobiology
In vivo Imaging * High Resolution Optical Imaging
Biophysics * Chemical Biology
Label Chemistry * Mathematical Modellingand more.

Applications for the 3-year PhD program can be submitted from 26 February  – 1 May 2016. Projects start in October 2016. Applications can only be submitted via our online system.

For online application and further information go to

We offer 16 PhD positions. More positions financed by work contracts may be offered depending on availability. Excellent scientific and transferable skills trainings, competitive work contracts or tax-free fellowships as well as support with administrative matters, accommodation, and visas are part of the program. There are no tuition fees. The program language is English. We invite applications from highly qualified and motivated students of any nationality from biological sciences, chemistry, mathematics, computer sciences and physics. We are looking forward to your application for a PhD position in Muenster.
How to apply:
Online via via
Send application to
Please apply via
While applying for the job please refer to jobvector and use the following reference number: 060416

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