Computational Biology PhD to study Complex Genetic Traits

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KU Leuven is recruiting a Computational Biology PhD candidate for an interdisciplinary project that will explore new strategies to better understand complex genetic traits. Many traits of medical or industrial importance are influenced by many genes, though our understanding of how genetic variants influence a phenotype remains limited.

In the project we will combine advanced computational analyses and experimentation in the model organism Saccharomyces cerevisiae to better understand complex genetic traits. A candidate is sought for the computational part where quantitative models of the trait will be built through network analyses, modeling of the metabolism, predicting impacts of genetic variants, and analyzing published and generated datasets. The experimental side of the project will explore the adaptive potential of complex traits through directed experimental evolution coupled with high-throughput analyses (e.g. genome and transcriptome sequencing, robotics). The project will proceed in collaboration with the leading experimental yeast lab of prof. Kevin Verstrepen ( Starting point is flexible, but preferably by January 1st 2017. Applications will be judged as they come in until the position is filled. 

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You can apply for this job no later than November 01, 2016 via the online application tool

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Send application to
For further information or to apply you can contact Rob Jelier: (

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