Diploma/MCs thesis work in neonate and lung research

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We are looking for a science graduate co-working in the project "Influence of oxygen on the lung development in neonates"

Experimentally this work includes studies on mice as well as analyses by general molecular and biochemical techniques.

We are offering a well-equipped laboratory with an enthusiastic team.
If you are interested to perform your thesis work in this research field, please apply unti 10.06.2016 by a motivation letter (including the date when you want to start), short CV and documents that give me a overview about your study.

How to apply:

Contact detail

How to apply:
Send application to
PD Dr. Babett Bartling / Anke Kindermann
Klinik für Herzchirurgie
Ernst-Grube-Str. 40
Tel. 0345-5573314

Job profile

Working hours
Can be Full-Time or Part-Time
Contract duration
Type of job
Diploma Thesis/Master's Thesis
Work experience
job experience is not required
Germany (Sachsen-Anhalt)
Working place
06120 Halle (Saale
Area of expertise
Biology & Life Sciences

About Universitätsklinikum Halle (Saale)

Das Forschungslabor der Klinik für Herz- und Thoraxchirurgie beschäftigt sich mit den Erkrankungen und Alters-bedingten Veränderungen von Herz und Lunge. Wir sind ein molekular- und zellbiologisch ausgerichtetes Labor. Hauptschwerpunkte sind Altern, Bronchialkarzinom, Glykierungsendprodukte, Ernährung, Herz, Genexpression, Lunge, Patientenstudien, Tiermodelle,...

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