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Doktorandenstelle/PhD Position (Life Sciences)

A 3-year PhD Position (E13, 65% ) is available in the department of Membrane Biochemistry at the Life & Medical Sciences Institute from the University of Bonn. The group's main research focus is on the structure and function of biological membranes (see also our website "").

This particular project has an emphasis on the mechanisms by which human papilloma viruses induce plasmalemmal entry platforms. Using superresolution microscopy and plasma membrane preparations, it is planned to unravel the stages of entry-platform formation with respect to tetraspanin reorganisation. The project combines biophysical approaches with virus cell biology, the latter being performed in collaboration with Luise Florin (Mainz).

The applicant should have graduated in biology/biochemistry or a related subject.

For general reading see:

Sieber, J.J., Willig, K.I., Kutzner, C., Gerding-Reimers, C., Harke, B., Donnert, G., Rammner, B., Eggeling, C., Hell, S.W., Grubmüller, H. and Lang, T. (2007). Anatomy and dynamics of a supramolecular membrane protein cluster. Science 317, 1072-1076 

Saka, S.K., Honigmann, A., Eggeling, C., Hell, S.W., Lang, T.* and Rizzoli, S.O. (2014). Multi-protein assemblies underlie the mesoscale organization of the plasma membrane. Nat. Commun. 5, 4509

For special reading see:

Homsi, Y., Schloetel, J.G., Scheffer, K.D., Schmidt, T.H., Destainville, N., Florin, L. and Lang, T. (2014). The Extracellular δ-Domain is Essential for the Formation of CD81 Tetraspanin Webs. Biophys. J. 107, 100-113

Schmidt, T.H., Homsi, Y. and Lang, T. (2016). Oligomerization of the Tetraspanin CD81 via the Flexibility of Its δ-loop. Biophys. J., 110, 2463-2474

How to apply:
Please send your application by Email to:
Send application to
Prof. Dr. Thorsten Lang
Telefon: 0228-73 62 823

Life & Medical Sciences Institute, Universität Bonn, Membrane Biochemistry Lab
Carl-Troll-Str. 31
53115 Bonn
While applying for the job please refer to jobvector and use the following reference number: Viral particle induced tetraspanin assemblies

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