Master\'s Thesis - Optimization of Downstream Processing for Lipid Production Form Oleaginous Yeast

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Oily Yeast (OY) have been used to describe types of yeast which have ability to accumulation lipids more than 20 % of their cellular dry weight. Yeast lipid compounds, known as single cell oil (SCO), have industrial interest due to their particular and precise biochemical and physiochemical properties.  Additionally, OY can accumulate lipid up to 80 % of their biomass dry weight. The technology for growing OY with high lipid content is well developed. However, lipid extraction one of most challenged step of SCO production process. This is due to the presence of thick cell well that renders the yeast cell resistant to many solvents, as well as the possibility of lipases in their cell extracts. In this project, a new approaches of lipid production and lipid extraction will be used and optimized.  
Main Tasks and Responsibility:
  • Evaluation of lipid production abilities using algal hydrolysates,
  • Up-scaling for Yeast fermentation.
  • Proteomic analysis of the cell lysis enzyme system,
  • Optimization of downstream processing of lipids extraction, and
  • Up-scaling for optimized lipid extraction process.
 Main Methods and Techniques:
  • Analytics: HPLC, GC-FID, GC-MS, proteins and 96-well plate reader…,
  • Enzymology: enzyme production and purification,
  • Protein purification and characterization techniques SDS-page, IEF-Page, FPLC, MALD-TOF-MS…
  • Lipid screening: French press, fluorescence microscope with Nile Red, Gravimetric method, and
  • UP-Scaling: 1.5 liter bioreactor.
Student from biology, biotechnology, biochemistry or equivalent courses are sutable candidate. High team spirit and communication skills, as well as an independent operation are important charachteristics. Experience in the areas of responsibility listed above are an advantage. This Master thesis is unpaid position.

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Mahmoud Masri, M.Sc.
Professorship of Industrial Biocatalysis – TUM
Lichtenbergstr. 4  -  85748 Garching
Tel: +49 89 289 13252 -

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Diploma Thesis/Master's Thesis
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Germany (Bayern)
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85748 Garching (München)
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