PhD Position – Biological Network Analysis of Cardioprotection

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The Institute of Physiology and Pathophysiology, Division of Cardiovascular Physiology, at Heidelberg University offers a
PhD Position – Biological Network Analysis of Cardioprotection
The project is supported by an exceptional scientific environment of national and international collaborating partners. The successful candidate will become a member of the The Hartmut Hoffmann-Berling International Graduate School of Molecular and Cellular Biology and the German Centre for Cardiovascular Research.
Project Description
Cardiac disease is a prevalent and progressive condition eventually leading to heart failure. Novel therapies to prevent this outcome are highly sought after. Recent studies show that a severe disturbance in protein homoeostasis and correspondent dysregulation of the protein degradation machinery is evident in heart failure. Thus, preserving or re-establishing protein homeostasis via precise regulation of protein degradation may provide novel therapeutic avenues for cardiac disease. Aim of the PhD thesis is to study the signaling network of a previously identified cardioprotective mechanism based on targeted modulation of proteolysis.
Profile of candidate’s qualification
We seek a young investigator who is genuinely interested in basic research with future clinical application. If you have an analytical mind and enjoy developing your own experiments based on expertise and current literature into exciting discoveries, you will find excellent support and mentorship in our scientific network. Previous training in protein biochemistry, cell biology or cardiology is preferential, but not essential. A natural motivation to solve scientific questions is more important to us.
Further information
Please email your application (motivation letter, CV, academic records, and two reference letters) by 12 September 2016 to

The project may start approx. 4 weeks after application.

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How to apply:
Please email your application (motivation letter, CV, academic records, and two reference letters) by 12 September 2016 to
Send application to
Heidelberg University
Institute of Physiology and Pathophysiology
Department of Cardiovascular Physiology

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PhD Project
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Germany (Baden-Württemberg)
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69120 Heidelberg
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Biology & Life Sciences

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