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PhD Position for Biologists

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Regulation and execution of mitosis: Kinetochore-based mechanisms
Chromosome segregation is executed with extremely high precision. A failure in this process during mitosis possibly initiates and frequently advances the progress of cancer. Major players in chromosome segregation are kinetochores, the chromosomal structures that attach the chromosomes to microtubules.
We investigate how regulatory molecules at the kinetochore of the model organism S. cerevisiae execute and control various steps in mitosis. Our current focus is on proteins that regulate the dynamic behavior of microtubules such as the microtubule rescue factor CLASP / Stu1 (Ortiz et al., 2009, Genes Dev. 23:2778-2791; Funk et al., 2014, J Cell Biol. 205:555-571). We want to understand how these proteins facilitate the capturing of kinetochores by microtubules in prometaphase and how they regulate the spindle microtubules both in metaphase and during the metaphase to anaphase transition. Furthermore we want to understand what regulates their cell cycle-dependent localization at the kinetochore and aim to identify the interaction partners of these proteins at the kinetochore.
We apply modern methods of molecular biology, cell biology and biochemistry and take advantage of the state of the art equipment available at the BZH and the university campus.
Applicants should have a degree in Biology, Life Sciences or related fields, a strong background in molecular biology / cell biology and a strong interest in the unraveling of fundamental cellular processes. 

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How to apply:
Please apply by e-mail (johannes.lechner@bzh.uni-heidelberg.de) including your CV, certificates, transcripts, a summary of your research activities and letters / addresses of referees.
Send application to
PD Dr. Johannes Lechner
Biochemie-Zentrum der Universität Heidelberg
INF 328
60120 Heidelberg

Phone: +49 6221 544371
E-Mail: johannes.lechner@bzh.uni-heidelberg.de

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Germany (Baden-Württemberg)
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69120 Heidelberg
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Biology & Life Sciences