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PhD position in Super-Resolution Microscopy

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The biophysics research group at the University of Cologne (http://www.biophysics.uni-koeln.de) invites applications for a PhD position in Super-Resolution Microscopy.
Our research: Most bacteria in the biosphere live on surfaces. To efficiently colonize surfaces they must control attachment, surface-associated motility, and interactions between bacteria. Molecular motors are important for all of these aspects (1, 2). We aim at understanding their molecular mechanism, coordination, and role in biofilm formation. To this end, physicists and bio-scientists work in close collaboration.
Research techniques applied in this project will include, but are not limited to:
  • establish super-resolution microscopy (Photo-Activated Localization Microscopy, PALM and Stochastic Optical Reconstitution Microscopy, STORM) for imaging of molecular motors
  • design and test bacterial strains for PALM
  • molecular microbiology
  • development of image and data analysis algorithms
  • developing and planning research projects

The position: Start in January 2017 or later (0.65 E13). Our laboratories are located at the Biocenter of the University of Cologne. PhD candidates are encouraged to apply for membership at the International Helmholtz Research School BioSoft (http://www.fz-juelich.de/ihrs-biosoft/EN/Home/home_node.html).
Your profile: Required criteria are: M.Sc. in biochemistry or comparable, skills in molecular cloning and strong interest in optical methods are mandatory. Experience in biophysics is beneficial but not essential. Applicants should be highly motivated, creative and independent individuals and have an excellent acade­mic record.

1) Maier, B. & Wong, G.C.L. (2015) Trends Microbiol., 23(12), 775
2) Marathe, R. et al (2014) Nature Commun., 5, 3750

Contact detail

How to apply:
Send application to
Your application: Please send your application (cover letter, CV, list of publications, certificates, and two references) as a single PDF file by email to berenike.maier@uni-koeln.de. It is mandatory that you visit Cologne for an interview.

Disabled individuals with equal personal and technical eligibility will be favored. The UoC is committed to increasing the ratio of women in research. Women are therefore invited to apply for this position.

Job profile

Working hours
Contract duration
Type of job
PhD Project
Work experience
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Germany (Nordrhein-Westfalen)
Working place
50937 Köln
Area of expertise
Biology & Life Sciences, Physics