Diploma/Master Thesis/Internship in Chemical Biology / Protein Synthesis.

The Bioenergetics group at the Techinical University of Berlin offer two master thesis / internship positions for motivated candidates on two interesting projects in Biotechnology.

Master Thesis/Internship: Synthesis of Toxic Proteins.

Project: Use of protein ligation for synthesis of recombinant proteins proven to be toxic and insoluble in Escherichia coli.  

Background: Inteins are auto-processing protein domains which carry out a process known as protein splicing. During protein splicing, an intein domain catalyzes its own excision from a larger precursor protein and simultaneously ligates the two flanking polypeptide sequences (exteins) together. While most inteins catalyze splicing in cis, a small subset of these proteins exist as naturally fragmented domains that are separately expressed but rapidly associate and catalyze splicing in trans (see figure below). Given their capacity to make and break peptide bonds, protein chemists have exploited various facets of intein reactivity to modify proteins in myriad ways for both basic biological research as well as potential therapeutic applications. 

Proposed Project: The planned project proposes to develop an efficient method for synthesis of recombinant cytotoxic proteins in E. coli, which is a challenge. Several recently discovered inteins will be used to test their potential in achieving this goal. Many of the constructs required at DNA level have already been generated. It remains interesting to expressed these fusion proteins to test their potential for efficient synthesis of desired recombinant proteins of interest in a active form.

Methods: DNA cloning, Mutagenesis, Protein Expression in E. Coli, Protein Purification, Protein Ligation and Visualisation, Mass Determination and Activity assay.

Contact: Please send your CV and expression of interest to  Vijay Tejwani by using  vijay@mailbox.tu-berlin.de. Suggested Start: May/June 2015                

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