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MSc. Thesis: Optimization of lipid accumulating yeasts

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The research group “Industrial Biocatalysis” is focused on fundamental aspects of biocatalysis and genetic engineering to understand and predict the basic molecular and structural features that provide or impose industrial process fitness on biocatalytic systems. Research involves novel biotechnological processes that utilize agricultural (i.e. Straw), forestry (i.e. wood residue) and food (i.e crab shells) waste biomass as feedstocks for focused biotransformations that yield industrially relevant chemical building blocks and renewable fuels. Waste Biomass streams do not compete with food production, are not associated with land use change or increased water utilization. Commonly waste biomass is composed of a complex chemical matrix encompassing, i.e. polymeric sugars (i.e. cellulose), proteins and polyphenolics (i.e. lignin).

The MSc. thesis: Optimization of lipid accumulating yeasts
is part of an industry collaboration and focuses on employing recombinant as well as random mutagenesis techniques to improve lipid yield and growth of oleaginous yeasts on different substrates.
Main Methods and Techniqes
  • Chemical and physical mutagenesis
  • Directed evolution over HT screening (e.g. FACS)
  • Fermentation in lab scale
  • Analysis of lipid profiles (GC-MS/FID)
  • Photometric methods 
  • Cloning and molecular biology tools

This work is suitable for students of biology, biotechnology, biochemistry or equivalent courses. Experience in any methods listed above are of advantage.

Contact detail

How to apply:
Please submit your CV and relevant documents to the given e-mail address.
Send application to
​Felix Bracharz (M.Sc.)
Technische Universität München (TUM)
Department of Chemistry
Industrial Biocatalysis Group

Tel.       +49 89 289 13252
Mail       felix.bracharz@tum.de

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Diploma Thesis/Master's Thesis
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Germany (Bayern)
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85748 Garching b. Muenchen
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Biotechnology, Biology & Life Sciences