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PhD Thesis “Development of 4D CAD software for DNA origami robots”

We are Austria’s largest Research and Technology Organisation and an international player in the research areas that we cover. This makes us a leading development partner for industry and a top employer in the scientific community. Applications are invited for a:
PhD Thesis “Development of 4D CAD software for DNA origami robots” 

Despite the huge effort that is put into the development of novel diagnostic and therapeutic tools, human diseases such as infections and cancer represent still the major cause of death worldwide. Thus, radically new technologies and concepts have to be developed to face these open challenges. In the H2020 FETopen project MARA (Molecular Analytical Robotics Assays) we will develop and combine three radically novel technologies that will lead to substantial breakthroughs in science, medicine and industry and, as proof-of principle, use them to create a DNA-based molecular toolkit for the characterization of pathogens.
  • Development of a novel time-resolved 3D (4D) DNA origami design software
  • Further development of existing tools such as CADnano
  • Molecular dynamics simulations and molecular structure calculations using supercomputers such as the Vienna Science Cluster 
Candidate profile
  • Master in bioinformatics or similar disciplines
  • High level programming skills in C/C++, Phyton
  • Experience in at least two of the following areas:
    • DNA/RNA structure analysis
    • DNA origami
    • 3D CAD 
How to apply:
Please submit your application documents, including certificates, to
Maria Leonhard-Maurer, MSc, Head of Human Resources , +43 (0) 50550-2032
Send application to
Maria Leonhard-Maurer, MSc
Head of Human Resources, +43 (0) 50550-2032
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