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Master Thesis Position: Enhanced Microbial Lipid Production

 Technische Universität München  Garching bei München
Call for applications for a Master Thesis position in the specific field of Industrial Biocatalyses. Applicants will have the opportunity to work on Genetic and Genomic engineering of microorganisms for the enhanced production of lipids suitable for high value applications in the cosmetic and chemical industry. We are looking for motivated students able to contribute to our research. An effective information exchange system is an admirable characteristic, as we are providing students the opportunity to learn and widen their scientific background from the methods and techniques established at our group. 

Responsibilities and Tasks:
  • Genetic and Genomic manipulation of microorganisms for high value production of lipids.
  • Cloning of proteins and enzymes responsible for lipid production using a synthetic operon. 
  • Screening for lipid production through lipid staining and cell sorting.
  • Lipid extraction and methylation.
  • Analysis using GC/MS.

Used Methods and Techniques:
  • GC-FID, GC-MS...
  • Lipid staining and screening using a cell sorter.
  • DNA extraction,PCR, Gel electrophoresis
  • Various Cloning Techniques...

Students from biology, biotechnology, biochemistry or equivalent disciplines are suitable candidates. High team spirit and communication skills, as well as operational independence are important characteristics. Experience in the areas listed above are an advantage.

How to apply:
CV attached in e-mail.
Send application to
Elias Kassab
Industrial Biocatalysis – TUM
Lichtenbergstr. 4
85748 Garching
Tel +49 89 289 13498
While applying for the job please refer to jobvector and use the following reference number: EMLP01

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