Development of Interpretative and Analytical Software Tools For Comparative Proteomics

Comparison of Trichosporon oleaginosus proteome under different fermentation conditions is key to elucidate the biochemical pathways for lipid biosynthesis. Following MS/MS identification of differentially regulated proteins, a comparative tool aids in construction of protein networks driving lipid biosynthesis in T. oleaginosus.
Responsibility and Tasks:
  • The applicant is responsible for software development with features listed below:
    • Development of comparative proteomics software framework
      • Sequence alignment
      • Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis
      • Development of a scientific software interface bundleing different open source software packages
  • Weekly meetings
  • Monthly reporting
Suitable candidates should have strong programming skills and experiences in GUI-development. Suitable candidates have a Bachelor in bioinformatics, computerscience, biotechnology or equivalent fields. High team spirit and communication skills, and a high level of self motivation are key to accomplish the set tasks. Previous experience is an advantage. Physical presence in lab is not a must!

Contact detail

How to apply:
Applicants are requested to send CV by email only.
Send application to
Dania Awad
Division of Industrial Biocatalysis – TUM
Lichtenbergstr. 4
85748 Garching
Tel +49 89 289 13252
Garching, 06.06.2016

Job profile

Working hours
Contract duration
Type of job
Diploma Thesis/Master's Thesis
Work experience
jobexperience is required
Germany (Bayern)
Working place
85748 Garching (München)
Area of expertise
Biotechnology, Biology & Life Sciences, Chemistry, Computer Sciences

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