Research Associate Water Chemistry

At the TU Dresden, faculty of Environmental Sciences, Department of Hydro Sciences, the Institute of Water Chemistry offers, as soon as possible, a position as
Research Associate
(Subject to personal qualification employees are remunerated according to salary group E 13 TV-L)

lasting to the end of the project on 31.12.2022 which entails 65 % of the fulltime weekly hours. The period of employment is governed by the Fixed Term Research Contracts Act (Wissenschaftszeit-vertragsgesetz - WissZeitVG). The position offers the chance to obtain further academic qualification (e.g. PhD).
Within the framework of an ESF funded junior research group, it is the aim to develop a system for peptide-based cell-cell communication between yeasts and bacteria for technological processes. A priority objective shall be the comprehensive elucidation of control mechanisms, which are necessary for a balanced cultivation of microbial communities and the optimal exchange of metabolites, in order to enable a conscious use of those mechanisms.

Activities and responsibilities

Establishing analytical methods for the quantification of signal peptides (pheromones) using HPLC-MS/MS and modification thereof in order to meet the needs of more complex matrices and low concentrations, including pre-analytical approaches like SPE, GPC/SEC or ultrafiltration; furthermore, the quantitative determination of selected antibiotics in water and culture media samples, the deduction of kinetic data concerning the biochemical degradation of antibiotics and the characterisation of transformation products.

Qualification profile

Junior researcher, a very good university degree in the fields of chemistry, biochemistry, food chemistry, environmental sciences or similar, obtained no longer than 4 years ago (plus e.g. times of parental leave); a high level of motivation and interest in scientific and interdisciplinary research; very good knowledge of English language (written and spoken); ability to work independently and well-structured in a team with a high level of communication and cooperation within the junior research group; analytical thinking; exceptional skills in laboratory work as well as a deep understanding within the field of analytical chemistry (especially determination of peptides and antibiotics using HPLC-MS/MS, sample preparation), hydrochemistry, biochemistry and microbiology.

Send application to

Please, send your expressive application including all common documents by 09.01.2020 (stamped arrival date of the university central mail service applies) to TU Dresden, Fakultät Umweltwissenschaften, Fachrichtung Hydrowissenschaften, Institut für Wasserchemie, Herrn Prof. Dr. Stefan Stolte, Helmholtzstr. 10, 01069 Dresden. Please submit copies only, as your application will not be returned to you. Expenses incurred in attending interviews cannot be reimbursed.

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