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Master Thesis “Reconstruction of activities from cellular traces”

AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, the Austrian research institute with European format which focuses on the key infrastructure issues of the future, is looking to strengthen its team with the immediate appointment of a

Master Thesis “Reconstruction of activities from cellular traces”

Cellular networks of mobile phone operators can be seen as ubiquitous sensors which provide an immense amount of information about the movement patterns of almost the entire population. Anonymized cell phone traces are therefore a promising source of information for models of daily activities in a city. The main challenge is that mobile phone traces have low spatial resolution and are sparsely sampled in time: this requires a set of solid techniques for extracting trip origins and destinations as well as starting and ending time of activities. Moreover, cell phone traces do not reveal the type of activity performed at the visited places, which are the key determinant for trip scheduling and destination choice in activity-based transportation models.

This master thesis aims at investigating and evaluating methods for extracting activity times and locations from cell phone traces and for inferring activity types based on time scheduling and geographical context information.

Work description:
  • Extensive research of the literature on reconstructing activities from movement trajectories
  • Implementation and evaluation of selected existing approaches based on manually annotated GPS tracks as reference data
  • Development and validation of a novel or improved approach tailored to activity reconstruction from sparsely sampled cell phone traces for intra-urban mobility modelling
  • Technical master degree programme in Computer Science, Mathematics or similar field
  • Excellent programming skills
  • Affinity to math and statistical data analysis: filtering, interpolation, classification and clustering
  • Good English skills (spoken and written), working language are both English and German
We are pleased to invite interested persons who wish to contribute their knowledge and their ideas to the field of applied research.

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How to apply:
Please attach meaningful application documents, including certificates and photos.
Send application to
Mrs Maria Leonhard-Maurer, MSc
Head of Human Resources
2444 Seibersdorf
Tel.: +43(0) 50550 – 2032
E-Mail: maria.leonhard-maurer@ait.ac.at

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Diploma Thesis/Master's Thesis
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Austria (Niederösterreich)
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2444 Seibersdorf
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Computer Sciences, Mathematics