DFG- funded PhD student position at Hannover Medical School, Department of Internal Medicine

Kidney disease confers a highly elevated risk of death from cardiovascular causes. We are interested in identifying pathways and mechanisms that modulate atherosclerotic inflammation in patients with kidney disease.

Our work has identified specific alterations in leukocyte, specifically macrophage behavior in atherosclerosis and renal disease (among others: Ge et al., 2013) Recently, we completed a study showing a successful mechanistic intervention that curbs inflammation in atherosclerotic vessels in renal impairment (Nordlohne et al., JACC Basic to Translational Science 2018).

Recent related publications:
Helmke et al., FASEB Journal 2019, Nordlohne et al., JACC Basic to Translational Science 2018.

Activities and responsibilities

The present project with funding from Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft aims at further elucidating the mechanisms that drive atherosclerotic inflammation in renal disease, specifically in crosstalk between of adaptive immune cells and macrophages. It will employ both work with human samples and animal experiments (organ preparation and analysis by histology including confocal microscopy and multi-color flow cytometry).

Qualification profile

You hold a medical or veterinary degree or Master’s Degree/Diploma in biology, biochemistry, pharmacy, or a related field of the life sciences, and are highly motivated to work responsibly in a translational project involving clinicians and basic scientists. Animal work is a central part of the project, a completed FELASA certification is preferred but not required at start. Previous experience with immunologic techniques such as confocal microscopy and flow cytometry is very welcome.


Planned starting date: May 2019
Initial contract for 2 years with possible extension (Probation period: 6 months)
Salary: TVöD E13 (65%)

Send application to

Please send your application as a single PDF file to vonVietinghoff.Sibylle@mh-hannover.de.

While applying for the job please refer to jobvector

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