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We are among the youngest Universities in Germany and think in possibilities rather than in limits. Right in the center of Ruhrmetropole we develop future ideas at 11 Faculties. We are strong in Re-search and Teaching, live diversity, support capability and are engaged in rights of education that serve this title.

At the University of Duisburg-Essen, Campus Duisburg,Engineering Faculty, Institute for Combus-tion and GasDynamics –Reactive Fluids the following position is open:
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Scientific Employeeat Universities(Entgeltgruppe 13 TV-L)

Activities and responsibilities

Participation in the coordinated DFG research unit „Model based scalable gas phase synthesis of complex nanoparticles / subproject: Optical in situ diagnostics in nanoparticle synthesis “(

Functionalized materials based on inorganic nanoparticles show high application potential because besides the variation of chemical composition a new dimension of materials properties is introduced due to variation in size and morphology. In the project, nanoparticles are generated in the gas phase by suitable process control in flames or plasmas, e.g., by adding metal-organic precursors to the fresh gases. Our subproject aims at generating a deeper understanding of the underlying synthesis pro-cesses – starting with precursor pyrolysis via formation of small clusters and ending with properly sized (functionalized) nanoparticles – mainly by in situ (laser-)optical experiments to determine spatial-ly resolved gas velocities, temperatures, concentrations of important intermediate species as well as particle concentration and size. The experimental data are crucial for process optimization but also provide validation data for the further development of chemical and fluid dynamic simulations of the entire particle generation process.
In this research project the diagnostics methods will be adapted and applied for measurements in the process flames/plasmas for the generation of iron oxide, silicon dioxide, and silicon nanoparticles un-der variation of process parameters (gas composition, pressure, precursor concentration). The applied methods will be laser-induced fluorescence (LIF), particle imaging velocimetry (PIV) and laser-induced incandescence (LII). There will be a continuous and tight collaboration with researchers involved in CFD simulations of the processes within the project. Temperature measurements are performed using fluorescence excitation spectra of NO, SiO or OH. Special attention is paid to the determination of absolute concentration levels of trace species, such as atomic iron, OH, SiO, and others, using LIF. Characterization of inflow conditions is done by PIV or tracer-LIF measurements.

Besides the described research tasks preparation and conducting of tutorials and courses is anticipat-ed. Work within the project allows for further scientific qualification.

Qualification profile

Above average degree in Physics, Chemistry, or Mechanical Engineering. Prerequisite is a deep in-terest in optical analysis, spectroscopy, and/or image processing. A strong enthusiasm and high en-gagement in achieving project goals is expected.

Other appreciated qualifications:
We seek applicants with an above average Master or Diploma exam, and with special interest in inter-discipline cooperation, and who excel in experimental work. Previous experience with optical meas-urement techniques is beneficial.


The University Duisburg- Essen aims at promoting diversity of their members (s.
We seek to increase the proportion of female scientific personnel, and therefore specifically invites the application of equally qualified women.
According to the Landesgleichstellungsgesetz, if equally qualified, women will be preferentially accepted.
Applications of suitable handicapped personnel and similar in terms of § 2 Abs. 3 SGB IX are desired.

Send application to

Please direct applications in electronic version containing suitable material and the Kennziffer 36-19 to Prof. Dr. C. Schulz, Universität Duisburg- Essen, Fakultät für Ingenieurwissenschaften, 47048 Duis-burg, E-Mail:

While applying for the job please refer to jobvector and use the following reference number: Advertisement No. 36-19

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